The 58 is GREAT!


The 58 is Great!

Welcome to Oakridge. The population sign boasts that 3302 folks live here. Even though the town has one stop light, there is a grocery store, movie rental, florist, massage therapists, several unassuming yet top notch restaurants, fast food joints, a huge thrift store, and so much more. There is an ‘uptown’ and a ‘downtown’ with a vast array of local businesses. Enjoy the mountain views as you drive through town.


Oakridge is the recreational capital of the state. It is paradise for mountain bikers, hikers, bird watchers, fisher folks and nature enthusiasts. People come from all over the world to enjoy the great outdoors and meet the friendly locals. You can rent mountain bikes, canoes & outdoor gear or catch a ride to the top of a mountain and bike the trails down. 

In town, a visit to the Willamette Fish Hatchery is free. Huge tanks raise various young salmon and sport fish, until they are big enough to be released. The petite museum has the range of taxidermy animals that can be spotted locally. The lovely grounds have live birds to photograph. There is a free mini golf course and chain saw carvings to enjoy. 

Greenwaters Park is a wonderful place to have a picnic. You can ride on the swings, or a walk along the river for a bit of exercise. After that, go ‘Uptown’ and visit the Pioneer Museum that highlights the past. It is open on Saturdays, so mark your calendar. 

There are many campgrounds just outside of town for primitive tent camping to RV spots, although a lot of it is seasonal. If camping is not your thing Oakridge has a lodge, hotels and bed & breakfasts, to relax and enjoy lazy afternoons and peaceful nights. 

The drive out of town is strikingly beautiful with tall trees and lovely rivers. The craggy Kwis Kwis Butte juts above the trees. About 8 miles out of town there is McCredie Hot Springs. Bring your bathing suit and soak in the natural springs at the river. 

Travel through 15 more miles of breathtaking scenery, and you will get to the Salt Creek Falls,

the second highest waterfall in the state, there is a fee but let me tell you it is worth it. 

The waters of Waldo Lake are so clear you can see one hundred feet down. Since this is one of the purest lakes on the planet you are not allowed to use a motor boat, so bring your canoes and kayaks. 

Winter is a great time to visit this area. The Gold Lake Sno-Park has trails to enjoy. 

Bring your skis to the Willamette Ski Resort, it is 5500 feet above sea level so enjoy the view. If you are feeling bold, you can hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Come have fun.

No matter what time of year you visit, there is plenty of great things to do!



*Momma's Pasta

    - Italian  & craft  beer

*Double Trouble 

- Coffee & Drinks

* Mazatlan Mexican 

   -Full menu & drinks

*Lee's Chinese 

   -Authentic food & beer

*Stewart's 58

   -Burgers & shakes

*Three Legged Crane- Uptown

   -Food & craft beer 

*Smoken BBQ Shack

   -Outside seats only

Lion Mountain Bakery

- Coffee, Pastry and Sandwiches



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