Blair Lake

Pristine and Tranquil


Our day on Blair Lake was amazing!

There are no motorized boats allowed so we enjoyed our inflatable kayak.

Blair Lake is only 20 feet deep and a cozy 35 acres.

 Approximately 18 miles northeast of Oakridge, Oregon.

Starting at  the Oakridge Post Office (48264 East 1st Street), drive east along East  1st for 0.7 miles where East 1st becomes Salmon Creek Road.  Note that  Salmon Creek Road is also Forest Road (FR) 24 once past the National  Forest Boundary. Follow Salmon Creek Road/FR 24 for 8.2 miles until the  junction of Forest Road 1934 on your left. Turn left on 1934 and follow  for 7.4 miles until the junction of Forest Road 1934-733.  Follow the  733 spur for 1.5 miles until it ends at the camp.  

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