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Always a New Adventure

Always a New Adventure

Always a New AdventureAlways a New Adventure

All Dreams Live in Oregon!


Issue One

Issue Three

Issue One

The West Cascades Scenic Byway copyright Su Stella  2017

The first is about  issue covers Westfir Covered Bridge, the West Cascades Scenic Byway and more fun ...

Issue Two

Issue Three

Issue One


Snow fun! Read about Fuji Creek Shelter, renting the Warner Tower and lots of helpful winter tips. 

Issue Three

Issue Three

Issue Three


The coast has amazing places to see like Gold Beach, the Big Stump and Whale Watching.

Issue Four

Issue Six

Issue Three


Driving Miss Bonnie. 

This is  six  different one day road trips from  Oakridge (Eugene - Springfield).

Crater Lake, Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, the Coast and local scenic areas. 

Issue Five

Issue Six

Issue Six

This is FranklinTed the duel bodied Elk that can be found around the town of Elkton, Oregon.

April Fools & 420 issue

Check out the cool photographs of the outlandish oddities  that are found in Oregon. 

And for you 420 crew- check out the Waldo Connection! 

Issue Six

Issue Six

Issue Six

The GREAT 58-

Coming Soon

April 15, 2020 


About Us

Hey YOU get off of that couch!


Be a local tourist!

Summer is a time to reconnect with our area, especially after this winter. 

So turn off the tv and grab your gear and let's go! 

It's time to visit some of the most spectacular places on the planet! 

Don't miss Salt Creek Falls, Waldo Lake and the the Aufderheide.



Live Your Journey

Traveling is a way of life. It is the curiosity to see what is over the next hill or around the next corner. 

Traveling is something we all crave.

Visit Oregon often.

Curt and I have been traveling the world all of our lives, even long before we met in 1998. 


Being a local tourist

It always amazes me when someone says,

"I've lived here my whole life but I have never been to...." 

What are you waiting for?  

Plan a day trip. 


Beauty Abounds in Oregon

Very few places compare to the stunning scenery at Crater Lake. 

Any season is the one to visit for a few hours or a few days. 

Be a Traveler



Get out of the house. 


Lane County Covered Bridges

If you love the charm of covered bridges Lane County is the place for you.  Our county has more covered bridges than anywhere else west of the Mississippi River. So make a plan and visit all twenty. 


Light houses

Oregon has eleven lighthouses, nine are official and two are private but certified by the Coast Guard as transportation aids. 

Make a plan to visit all seven that are open to the public. 

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