Toking Blunts

For Cannabis Connoisseurs


Cannabis grown in the southern part of the Willamette Valley just a ‘stoners’ throw from Eugene. Toking Farms was given one of the first OLCC licenses in Lane County. 

This family farm started as a vegetable farm a half century ago, and now it specializes in the best cannabis in the industry. This family farm uses only organic cultivating methods with local soil and nutrients. They never use any pesticides. 

Their passion doesn’t stop once the harvest begins, over time they have perfected their own curing methods for smooth smoke with rich flavor. It takes over two months for the terpenes from each strain to shine.


Let’s get blunt-

Keeping with tradition Toking Blunts are made with extra care and love. Not only do they grind their cannabis by hand, but they go the extra mile by hand rolling each blunt in all natural hemp paper made by Juicy- always GMO free-with a crutch filter. The flavorful hemp paper and smooth draw makes the experienced smoker smile with delight. 

Personally, these are a crowd pleaser at any party or fun cannabis gathering.