Awards 2018 Winners

Dave's Space Cakes

Dave's wins our 2018 BEST EDIBLE! 
Delicious & potent cake. 
The package design put it into orbit.

Dave's done it right! Delicious & Potent. The packaging puts it into orbit. 

Phresh Start Dispensary 'In House PreRolls'


Phresh Start dispensary in Springfield and Oakridge have great 'In House PreRolls' made with real bud! 

Smooth and tasty.

Hash It Out Podcasts


As a Podcast Junkie- 

This one is informative, chatty in a good way and just a treat to listen to! 

Meet all the coolest in the industry! 

Sugartop Buddery

For all the support this artist duo does for the community... Plus supplying some pretty prerolls

SugarTop is the art of cannabis. This sibling duo gives so much back to the arts and for the plant. 

Lux - Creamy Spreads


Yum! YUM! 

Creamy , Smooth, Tasty. 

Sprouted. Vegan. Non GMO.

Rising Leaf Farms


Flower that is fed spring water, 

sunshine and mountain air. 

Then starts the real love.